Colour Vision Correction

At Patrick Moore Opticians, we have been treating patients with colour filter lenses for over ten years. The vast majority of patients whom we treat with colour filter lenses fall into one of the following two categories – firstly patients who suffer from reading difficulties and secondly, patients who have colour vision deficiencies (colour blindness).

The success rate for both categories of patients is good. We require patients to have a colour filter assessment with us. This assessment normally takes 30 minutes and is completely non-invasive. The assessment includes a full eye examination to check the patient’s standard of vision, and also to check that the structures of the eye are normal and healthy. The cost of the assessment is €100.00

For patients who suffer from reading difficulties, we also test their normal reading speed. We then test their reading speed whilst they are using the colour filter lenses. The reading chart which we use is a selection of random words (not sentences) and therefore the reading speed is improving due to the use of the colour filter. If we tested the patient’s reading speed by asking them to read sentences, there would be a risk that their speed is only improving because they are remembering the sentences – using a random word chart eliminates this possibility.

For patients who suffer from colour vision deficiency, we use the colour filter lenses together with a colour vision test to determine which colour of colour filter lens gives the best correction. If the patient intends to use the colour filter lenses whilst carrying out their occupation (e.g. electrician/plumber), we would ask them to check with their employer that they are permitted to use the lenses, as some employers require their employees to pass a colour vision test without the use of colour filter lenses.

Patrick Moore Opticians is an approved supplier of Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses and Cantor & Nissel Chromagen filter lenses. At the end of the assessment, we will be able to advise if the patient is suitable for the treatment. The lenses are available as either spectacle lenses or contact lenses, and are also available with or without prescription.

If you or a family member think you would benefit from this treatment then contact us for an assessment at (01) 465 2258.

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